Spoils Of War

Spoils Of War

What happens when a fleet of space pirates intercepts a freighter convoy?
Space is littered with treasures. Can you move in and pick them up?

At this point, I have decided to begin accepting donations for the Approaching Infinity project.

I have 6 fairly polished games under my belt, 3 of which were coded in just 7 days each for Seven Day Roguelike competitions. Here’s my Rogue Basin page if you want a look: http://roguebasin.roguelikedevelopment.org/index.php?title=IBOL

I spend a lot of time designing and coding games because I love to do it. And ‘Approaching Infinity’ already has a promising basic engine. But I would like to continue to develop it, and let it grow to its full potential. For that, a little extra money would help.

Anything given would go first to better GUI graphics. I love the Oryx sprites, and they are ingrained in the design. But I don’t love menus, and i’m fairly terrible at them. Sound and music would follow, along with possibly some custom sprites. While this happens, I will work on the main quests, mouse support, and flesh out the alien races and components.

So, enjoy, give feedback, and if you hit the lottery, send five bucks my way, and i’ll buy a couple of buttons or a sound.
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