Gearing up for a major quest.

This weekend I plan to start work on one of the major quests in my space adventure roguelike, Approaching Infinity.

I already have 8 random quest types, like package delivery, item collection, vermin eradication, even spaceforming. You can take these quests pretty much forever.

But the overall game design calls for large story based quests as well. There is trouble in the galaxy, and you might do something about it (that’s as much of a commitment as you’re willing to make at this point. Shame on you.)

Each sentient alien race in the game will have at least one major quest line; something they want to accomplish. And not all of these goals are compatible. Helping one race may hurt another. But it’s up to you. You are free to act or not.

My plan is to start with The Gruff. They are ornery little buggers who quarrel amongst themselves, and even more so with other races. But once a particular gruff has proven himself, he relaxes a little and gets on with his life. They’re not really war-like, they just have a chip on their shoulders.

So: What do they want to accomplish? They want you to go on big game hunts! They know places where giant monsters live, and they will reward you for killing them. Of course, you have to make friends with the Gruff first. Hmm…


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