Progress Towards Major Quests

It’s 3:45 am. I can barely think anymore. Progress:

fixed a lot of issues that were pointed out to me by Grayvyn  here.

(cut & paste:)

` 9/27/2013 – it’s only friday!

* made space enemies wander aimlessly when they aren’t attacking anyone.

* fixed spaceforming quest. also cleared stats when you die. thanks

* introduced the “reputation” system, meaning other races have an opinion of you based on your actions.

* now spawn “embassies” of the major races whenever they like you enough. these are where the main quests are generated.

* and now you can enter the embassies. each race sells different kinds of things for different prices.



Getting ready to dock with the gray pirate base, while a red Gruff hunts me and 2 sigorn freighters look for safety in the nebula.


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