Another Late Night Cut and Paste

Well, I wanted to work on major quests today, and wow was there progress!

* added: the captain leads the party on important away missions. if the away team dies with the captain present, then the game is OVER. use caution!
* finally fixed the planet exploration quest.
* created a quest master file that should be able to handle all quest types, including lots of new requirements.
* got the first 3 gruff quests done and functioning. you must complete them in series. 4th one started
* at 8:35 pm :

I killed

Giant Squither The Giant Squither!!!!!

I feel awesome!


One thought on “Another Late Night Cut and Paste

  1. Ok Im going to try this out. How much thought were you going to give to having a trading system and some possible economy running on your game?
    I suggest you check out Port Royale 2 it has the best trade port discount system, with marginal prices and also an economy in which the ports develop and change supply and demand and affect prices according to marginal utility.
    Another great idea Im developing but couldn’t figure out much is that it would be great to have NPC that are as active as you, or at least look like they are. Then you could make alliances with them. My idea is there to be some sort of procedurally generated narrative of this NPC, in which it might plan to betray you all along, for some predetermined reason, like try to steal your ship, make your crew defect to his side, or some deep revenge from something you did previously.

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