Choose The Best ‘Astral Phoenix’ Image

I’m designing a boss monster for a quest so I recolored one of my favorite Oryx sprites, but now I can’t decide which one to use.

Help me choose the best one. It’s an aggressive monster that lives in deep space. It will probably try to eat your spaceship if it can’t destroy you with energy bolts.

Cyan Peach Purple


4 thoughts on “Choose The Best ‘Astral Phoenix’ Image

  1. Alright I have played this game for some 5 hours or so the last couple of days. It is awesome I really enjoyed it. But you have to conceed that is mostly because it is very, VERY similar game to Prospector RL, which just released a new version! I have to check that out!
    Mathias made an awesome game there. I made some small contributions to the source code of that game myself.
    Hope you keep this up! This is a very cool game with lots of interesting elements. Love the sprites, very slick using the Mad God stuff. The different items and levels make for huge variety and interesting gameplay.
    But here are the main things I wish you fix on this game:

    1) CONTROLS ARE HORRIBLY NONREPONSIVE: I guess I just love Prospector so much I really liked this game too. But the controls are completely bulshit! I press a key and it doesn’t work unless I hold for half a second or so, it is so utterly defective I really cannot believe how that didn’t make me stop playing this completely the first 5 minutes.

    2)CONTROLS ARE HORRIBLY NONRESPONSIVE!!! The same as above because it is completely messed up and you have to fix that!

    3)Devices stats absent in “Device Install Screen”: when you try to install new devices by pressing “I”, it doesn’t show the stats of the current devices you can choose from.

    4)Spacesuit and boarding party gun stats don’t show unless you drop on a planet.

    5)Cannot change ships equipments while at spaceport. This is somewhat annoying since you can’t see stats of devices and equipment you have in your inventory, even when you go tot he Pawn Shop, it shows the devices but not their stats. And also you cannot sell on the pawn shop any equipment or devices you currently have installed.

    6)Cannot check quests while at spaceport.

    7)Shot animations are really slow and that makes them really annoying lots of times. Like when trying to exterminate slimes on a planet for a quest, or being attacked by a pirate squad.

    8)Keyboard shortcuts to check the ship equipment tab, the cargo tab, help tab etc because using the arrows is fidgety and awkward.

    There are a couple of other issues I will remember soon and post.

      • Hey IBOL, thanks for the reply. Sorry I didn’t receive the PM you sent, I think I didn’t register over wordpress properly. Try sending again please.
        I tried that other version and the game is responding better. But still you have to hold the key to get the action done, if you press it lightly and quickly, it won’t respond, 100-200 miliseconds? It is still a little better than before but didn’t solve it.

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