No New Functionality Until Bug Fixes!

well, thanks to a lot of feedback here and several other places (rogue temple) , (AGK site),

I have a lot to do. And I know how it is working with someone else’s software. “No New Functionality Until Bug Fixes!” is something I have posted many times on various forums, because I get tired of reading about new 3D commands, when my existing 2D ones are buggy.

So, I will take my own advice. Before I add anything new, I will fix all the stuff I can from the lists I’ve seen. And I’ve gotten a good start.

  • There is almost full mouse support.
  • F1-F8 now select menus.
  • Components have more appropriate prices, and the values scale better. (they still need good names though)
  • Speeded up shots, and reduced key-hold delay.

There is still plenty to do, and I am planning on a Thursday night public release of v0.0.3

but I just couldn’t resist throwing in a new fractal planet generator:

mirrored fractal planet


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