Approaching Infinity, V0.0.3 Released!

Approaching Infinity, a roguelike space adventure, is now at Alpha v0.0.3

Get It here for windows.

With tons of bugfixes, mouse support, and a major quest.

And now is a good time for another announcement:

I intend to do a Kickstarter in November so I can really get behind this project.

Planned rewards include having your name added to the list of officer’s names,
submitting names for planets, designing a side quest, several special kickstarter-only
devices, 10 million credits in pay it forward funds, source code access,
original signed paper game design documents, and of course, copies of the game
and your name in the credits.

Here are some things that are planned for the game:

  •   a randomized crafting system for components and devices
  •   Random Officers with individual skills
  •   More Devices with more powers
  •   unlockable ship classes
  •   elemental monsters(!)
  •   flesh out more alien races (Gruff, Tentaculons, Limoquee, Vordalene, Firaxughinians)
  •   several major quest lines (at least 1 for each of the alien races.)
  •   3-5 different ways to end the game, and countless ways to just keep playing.
  •   any great ideas from players and supporters!
  •   diseases that can be caught on planets & shipwrecks, and must be cured.
  •   more random quests that you can find in deep space.
  •   4 more races beyond the planned ones. (yes, i have plans for the unplanned.)

More to come…



One thought on “Approaching Infinity, V0.0.3 Released!

  1. Hi

    Love the concept!!

    I use Paypal-I am not a credit card user.

    Kickstarter normally doesn’t use Paypal. I believe that has to be setup before Kickstarter starts

    How many shekels do i have to put in the piggy bank to purchase Approaching Infinity?

    Cheers, Larry

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