#Gamedev in a big way: David Gervais!

Just today, I confirmed that the awesome David Gervais will be helping with Approaching Infinity. He does amazing interface stuff.

He is well known in roguelike circles, and I almost always use his tiles. But not this time, I thought… Till he approached me on the AGK forum and wanted to help out.

How could I say no? And why would I?

He once helped me turn this:


Into This:


And then we made this:


And now, he’s made this for Approaching Infinity:

New BGK Brag

I intend to keep the Oryx sprites, but David will also transition us over to his original art. So end users will have a tile choice! How awesome!

So the rest of today will be adapting the game to this new visual format, getting everything in the right place for 1024×768.

And here’s the last 2 days’ progress:

  •  improved pathfinding of player auto-move  fixed pawnshop selling issue.
  •  introduced the jungle planet
  • ordered a webcam for making a kickstarter movie. payed with amazon points!
  •  if you’re carrying too much cargo, you will drop some every move.
  •  added the ‘ruined city’ and ‘star temple’ algorithms!
  • added the “Lunatic Disciple” monster to the star temples.
  • added a locked treasure room and ‘key’ somewhere, guarnteed to be ‘complete-able’
  • confirmed that David Gervais would be working on Approaching Infinity!
  • added credit pickups and supply drop/pickup.

happy times,




One thought on “#Gamedev in a big way: David Gervais!

  1. I found my way here from the Dungeonmans KS page. Always excited to see a novel roguelike game. Do you have a date for your project launch yet?

    I too am a fan of David Gervais’s work. If you’re willing to do a favor for an anonymous person on the internet who you’ve never met, {email removed} I have a question about his Angband tiles, and he’s hard to get a hold of. Thanks!

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