My ridiculously circuitous plan is one quarter complete!

That’s a quote from Futurama, but I do feel like Approaching Infinity is about 1/4 done.

Most of the core functionality is done. The game is playable. But there is so much more planned, that I need to work on.

For the past few days, I’ve been incorporating David Gervais’s work into AI-rl. That means a lot of compiles to see if text is in the right place, and at over 14,000 lines of code, those are a bit slow.

But here’s a planet with the oryx tiles, and the D.G. interface. Has a much better place for messages too. They don’t clutter the top of the screen.

a beautiful planet in v0.0.4


Well, back to work…


2 thoughts on “My ridiculously circuitous plan is one quarter complete!

  1. The game is looking great! When you have your Kickstarter up, make sure to email mikeyo(at)bealssoftware(dot)com and he’ll get it in one of his Kick Start Your Week videos and we’ll do a new Let’s Play.

    I really had a blast playing this, keep up the good work! My only complaint is that the non-number pad key input really isn’t usable, so I can’t play the game unless I dig out a regular keyboard (my laptop doesn’t have a number pad on it.)

    • hi,
      thanks for the offer and the kind words. I will definitely take you up on it!
      I will send you aa newer version. Please tell me, what version were you playing, and what was wrong with the keys?
      were they too slow to respond, or do you not like the hjklyubn key set?

      version 3 has mouse support for movement now, and is public here.

      if you would like to describe a keyset that you would prefer, I can put it in the game for you.

      also, I will give you a new version for that promo LP.

      thanks so much, i’m working hard on this.

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