Meet The Races 2: The Firaxughinians

Believe it or not, their actual name is longer than that. The Firax went post-physical millions of years ago.What does that mean? They found a technological method of elevating themselves to near god-hood, passing beyond the material universe into a higher state of being.

But some remnants of their great civilization still exist. (Apparently they’re very durable.) You’ve heard stories of hidden temples among the stars that contain powerful artifacts, guarded by insane worshippers of the Firax. You’ve also heard that these ‘artifacts’ are nothing more than ordinary household items, and the ‘disciples’ are just bored weirdos. Perhaps you’ll find out?


Recent Progress:

  • Added & activated 6 new devices today, like the Warp Breach, Photon Displacer, and Comm Jammer.
  • defined the ‘artifact’ class , and got lots of names. pinned down powers for them.
  • increased the size of planets, space stations, and boss monsters.
  • added a ‘grading’ system to items you can buy. see +/- comparison to your installed equipment.
  • many little fixes and removed lots of redundant code

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