Meet The Races 3: The Bankers

The Bankers entered human space the day you were born, over 25 years ago. A giant space station materialized and began selling technological marvels to the highest bidder. At first, it seemed like a good thing.

Then, everything fell apart. Governments weren’t the only ones able to buy the Banker’s advanced weaponry. Private citizens, criminal organizations, and terrorist groups soon acquired incredible destructive power.

Only too late did anyone realize that this is exactly what the Bankers had planned. They acquired immense resources from humanity, while people killed each other.

Now, humans have discovered that we were not the first race to be financially invaded. Space is littered with the remnants of shattered civilizations.

When you were a child, you knew little of this. As a teenager, you dreamed of destroying the evil Bankers. Now, as a young adult who just wants to survive another day, you might even consider working with them.

These three attitudes: ignorance, anger, and collaboration, describe your choices as you see them now. What will you do?

The decision you make now may not be the path you follow in the end. And maybe, just maybe, there is another choice. Will you find it?

And in reference to yesterday’s post, apparently the Firax are not just a legend:




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