Infinity vs. Finality

I’ve said that Approaching Infinity has no theoretical limit to the number of sectors you can visit, and that’s true. Space goes on forever. Technology and equipment get better, enemies get tougher, etc. But what’s the point of just going on forever? And how do you win?

Well, the point of going on is to see the next planet, the next weird space phenomenon, find the next crazy alien artifact and try to figure out what it does. To find the next S.O.S. beacon and find out what it wants, or just to see the lost works of art floating abandoned in space. And what I love, to find that next awesome weapon that will really give you an edge over your enemies. For a little while, at least.

Winning is another thing. There are at least 5 distinct paths to victory in Approaching Infinity. And each one will result in a different KIND of victory. Each path to victory reflects an attitude towards the universe. I mentioned some when I talked about the Bankers: Indifference, Anger, Collaboration. Each of those can result in victory. But there are still two others that are valid. And also hidden.

Taking revenge on the Bankers for destroying human civilization will definitely be the most challenging way to play. They are everywhere, and seem unassailable. It will also be the most rewarding victory for the hardcore player.

How could indifference lead to victory? What about Fatalism? Collaboration? Competition? Isolationism? The universe is vast, and there are many ways to live. Many ways to succeed!

Recent Progress Pics:

Got the main UI buttons labeled and functional:

got buttons labeled and activated

And got some awesome backgrounds for the space station interfaces. Thank You David!

new screen backs


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