New Features and Awesome Ships

Approaching Infinity is coming along nicely. Over the last 4 days I’ve added lots of new features:

  • Animated Explosions
  • Tool tips with full explanations for components
  • Sounds!
  • Colored Bars for your most important stats (hull/shield/supplies , or HP/Oxygen)
  • More and better screen backgrounds
  • Added particles to show different types of environmental damage on planets
  • A tutorial level with pop-ups that explain how to do just about everything.
  • Added some new static pages to this blog so you always know where to find the latest version. (Here!)

And David is hard at work designing the next generation of ships.New Ships

And with it, a new side panel to show more detailed views:

New Side Panel

And of course, Kickstarter preparations.

The latest version of the game (v0.0.4b) is still available.

Planning a contest for players. . . Stay Tuned. . .


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