Approaching Infinity Loot, Part One: Weapons!

LOOT row 2

Welcome to Loot, part 1, where I will be talking about the Ship Weapons you will find in Approaching Infinity. Weapons are a very important part of any roguelike, and many games in general. There is a huge diversity in AI, and they will keep getting more powerful forever.

When you look at weapons, you’ll see a collection of statistics. Here are some actual generated examples:

  • Outdated Defensive Kinetic Cannon  :  DM:5  RN:3  CD:1  SU:4  SL:1
  • Refined Fission Cannon : DM:235  RN:6  CD:3  SU:23  SL:2
  • Mythical Heavy Entropy Wave  :  DM:781  RN:5  CD:7  SU:105  SL:3

Those numbers might seem a bit of a jumble at first, but once you know what you’re looking at, you can get very excited about finding a SL:3 or a DM:225. And there’s even a selectable screen that explains all the abbreviations, right in the game. So let’s pick one (the biggest one!)

  • Name: Mythical Heavy Entropy Wave
  • Damage : 781
  • Range : 5
  • Cooldown : 7
  • Supplies Used : 105
  • Weapon Slot : 3

Damage is pretty self explanatory, and is per shot fired. 781 is really a lot, considering that when you start, you’ve got about 10 hull points.

Range is how far away you can shoot enemies with this weapon. It is also limited by the scanning range of you sensors. If you can’t see it, you can’t shoot at it.

Cooldown is how many game turns it takes before the weapon can be fired again. Seven is rather high, and means that you might need to run away if this thing doesn’t get the job done.

Supplies Used describes how many ‘supplies’ firing this weapon will consume. Some ships start with only 3000 supplies, so they could fire this weapon only about 20 times, if considering the ongoing supply usage of power generation and movement.

Weapon Slot is a little trickier. Weapon have 6 ‘sizes’, from “defensive” to “Massive”, and each one fits into a specific weapon slot based on its size. But there are only 3 possible weapon slots, and the number you have is determined by your Reactor.

In future editions of “Loot”, I will discuss other standard ship systems (reactors, warp drive, armor, shields, sensors, etc.) , and also “devices”, which are a special class of item that bestow any number of bonuses. And of course, the 13 commodities, from “Boxes of Boxes”, all the way up to “Anti-Matter”, along with some tips on how to make money trading them between stations.

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to give me your feedback,



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