What’s So Great About #Gamedev ?

The Players!

I got this from a player today. It’s just a “death” screen, but the point is, Virtual Nomad played 21 Sectors of space, in my Game!

from tester

He killed over 900 monsters that I created! What an awesome feeling. When I saw this, I cheered out loud (and I was in public).

I don’t know if game development would ever get done without people on the outside, playing the games and sending feedback. Because along with that, he also sent me a list of ways to improve the game. And I will. Of course, he’s not the first. I’ve been bug-fixing based on what I hear for quite a while.

But it’s a very organic process. I know what my game is about, because I’m so deeply involved with it. But when someone comes along and says, “What’s this?” I realize, I need to make things clearer. And when I see someone just played for 22,000 turns, I think, “So what if I only got 4 hours of sleep last night? I can stay up even later tonight!” (It might not be healthy, but it’s exciting!)

So, Thank You Players!!


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