New Planet Tiles!

This morning I got a wonderful surprise in my email. David made new tiles for planet surfaces. He had recently re-done the shipwreck walls, which were nice, but these new terrains are awesome! The liquid (a hydrocarbon lake) and the pinkish ground are the existing artwork. But the trees, mountains, and flowers are new!

new planet graphics

Getting closer and closer to the kickstarter, as I check off things on my To-Do List. And then make more to-do lists. Tomorrow I need to start talking to the press.  Actually I needed to do that a week ago (or a month ago), but the game is much more presentable now, with sound, explosions, stat bars, and a few particles.

So we’re also getting closer to the final public alpha release. All future releases before v1.0.0 will be private. There will be tons of content in there, but the game is really going to get much deeper over the next few months.


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