Loot, Part Two: Defenses

In Approaching Infinity, your spaceship is made up of many different parts, and today I will talk about defenses.

Defenses are your shields and armor. Shields regenerate over time, while armor does not.

Shields have 3 main characteristics:

Shields (SHE): The amount of damage they can absorb before they fail.

Recharge (RCH): The number of shield points they regenerate each turn.

Cooldown (CD): How many turns you must go without taking damage until your shields begin to regenerate.

In this screenshot, a pirate raider has just fired on me, slightly draining my shields. You can see the blue circle around the ship, indicating the hit, as well as the blue shield bar not being full.

shield demo

When your shields are down, or if you don’t have a shield (?!), you take hull damage. Hull damage does not regenerate, and must be repaired at a station (in the lobby area). Armor directly increases your hull points, and has 2 characteristics:

Armor (ARM): The number of hull points added when installed

Speed (SPD): The effect this armor has on your movement speed. Armor is often bulky, and can slow you down. But some armors are lightweight and streamlined, or even charged with strange quantum effects, and can increase your speed.

Like everything else in the game, defenses are procedurally generated. They will continue to improve no matter how far you go. And tougher enemies will drop better shields, if you can defeat them.

Sometimes it’s better to run away than to fight. Hide in a nebula, let your shields recharge. Just don’t try hiding in an ion storm…


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