Kickstarter, Xeno-Archaeologists, and Music!

First, I’ve got the Kickstarter Launch Date: 11/11/13 (2 years after Skyrim, in a galaxy completely unrelated…)

And you can take a look at the rewards here.

Of course you’ll hear more about it as we get closer, but start thinking about what you’d like to see in Approaching Infinity, and how we can make that happen together.

Next, I’ve got the first few Xeno-Archaeologists, and their names & chosen links will appear in the credits of the release version of Approaching Infinity, just for getting out there and exploring early!

If you want to get in on it, you’ve still got a few days. First, download Approaching Infinity! Then scour planets for Firaxughinian Datapads. Eventually, they’ll lead you to a star temple. Explore that, and you’ll find a powerful artifact, if you’re not killed by Insane Acolytes first. And you can really die on these missions, too, because the captain (You!) must lead it. Take a screenshot, and send it to me here or on twitter @IBOL17.

And finally: Music!

My new friend Nate @ectogemia is composing original music for Approaching Infinity! He’s got a great variety of tunes and styles, check it out here: . My favorites are Conspire, ‘Vaporized (preview)‘, and ‘Archaeology

It’s coming…


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