Loot Part Three: Commodities

Loot Row 3

Approaching Infinity has a simulated economy! Different stations buy and sell things for different prices, and these prices will change over time. There are 13 different commodities you can trade in, from the lowly “boxes of boxes”  all the way up to “anti-matter”  . So even though this game is first and foremost a roguelike, it contains within it a complete “Space Trader” game. And you can exploit that aspect of it for profit!

All trade goods occupy one unit of “cargo space” in your ship, and each kind of ship has a different amount of cargo space. The Assault Scout is a terrible choice for trading, with only 15 cargo space. The Trader is best, with 50 cargo, but it has one weapon, no shield, and no armor. So choose your course wisely.

The age-old “Buy Low, Sell High” is of course true, and Approaching Infinity will give you a little help with that. Inside the Commodities Exchange of any station, you will see, in parentheses, the Sector Number where you have seen the best buying or selling price on each commodity. You actually have to go there and look, it’s not all done for you, but you also don’t have to take strict notes on paper for 20 different sectors.

Although it’s not in the game yet, you can bet that down the road you will see surpluses and shortages of particular goods. Prepare to take advantage of these!

Is there anywhere I can get these things for free?

  • Shoot some freighters (although that will be bad for your rep (and your karma!) )
  • Mine some asteroids (but you’ll never find boxes that way)
  • Survey planets and collect resources there (again, no boxes).
  • Search shipwrecks. They are often loaded with goodies. Also terrible mutated monsters. Maybe that’s not a good idea after all.
  • Receive them as a reward for some quests. Yeah, we just had that lying around. You can have it!

So download the game today, and give it a try. The kickstarter is coming 11/11/13, so if you’ve enjoyed Approaching Infinity, and would like to contribute, not only with money, but also your ideas, please come find out what reward level you’re interested in.


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