Approaching Infinity : Victory Conditions

When I say there will be 5 ways to win the game, what do I really mean? Is it just different grades of the same thing, like in Mass Effect, where there’s a “perfect” victory, a “middle”, and a “just barely” one?

No. The victory conditions in Approaching Infinity are each unique paths, and in fact entirely different kinds of winning.

Of course, there is the “military” victory, where you defeat a seemingly invincible foe through hard work and careful tactical play.  Then there’s something akin to an “exploration” victory. Find enough hidden artifacts and then something truly magical will happen…  There’s also an “economic” victory. Over time, you can earn enough money to buy your own planet, and retire in style. This victory type is not tied to any particular race or quest. Just get rich enough. The Tentaculons have been in an intergalactic arms race with the Bankers for thousands of years. Maybe you can be the deciding factor in that conflict? Is this is the path to a “Technological” victory?

I won’t tell you everything. At least one victory will remain secret until some intrepid player finds it. Perhaps there are more than five…

It may seem counterintuitive, but Approaching Infinity can also be won in a relatively short amount of time. If you focus hard on completing just one win condition, you could probably achieve it in about 20 sectors. If you want a shorter experience, that will be available.

But I know, when I’m playing an awesome sandbox game like Morrowind or Fallout 3, I never finish the main quest, because I don’t want my game to end. I’m going to accommodate that type of player as much as possible. Did you defeat the big bad, and then still want to do something else? Fine. You don’t have to quit. The world will continue to evolve depending on how you play. And there is no level cap in Approaching Infinity. That is core to its design. There will always be something new to find or achieve.

Just try not to see this one too often:

from tester


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