Why do you want #pixelart and #abstractart for a #Roguelike ?

Approaching Infinity is all about exploration of an infinite universe. But infinity is big. Eventually, the player will run out of new things to see. Of course this is true of all games, all life experiences. But I’d like to push that eventuality back as far as possible. One way I want to do that is with art.

Space in Approaching Infinity is a hostile, broken place. There is not a single civilization that is fully intact. And for every one alive, there are hundreds extinct. Over billions of years, even if most of it decays, some things remain. One thing common to all intelligent races is self-expression. Art!

So in your travels, you will occasionally come across some statues, paintings, holograms, carvings, any kind of art you can imagine. It’s kinda like an easter egg. And it gives the player some instant credits and data, something they can actually use.

So I’m looking for people who make interesting images. These can be pixel art, generated images, fractals, oil or acrylic paintings, sculpture, simple or complex, monster or character sprites, pixel landscapes, old or new, anything you can render. But images will be no larger than 256×256 (I know that’s small, but I would like LOTS!) You can give it a title if you like, and also you would be credited with a link of your choice.

I’ve included some samples below, but this barely scratches the surface of what I’d like. Only limitations are size, and no adult themes. I suppose tasteful nudity is OK, but how nude can you get with 65536 pixels?

I already have 5 pieces of art in the game, just as a ‘proof of concept’. But I would like hundreds. The first 20 people who send art to me here, or to @IBOL17 on twitter, or to saunders72 {at}Hotmail {dot} com , will definitely be featured.

Just send it! It’s free exposure, and fun for all involved.

Thanks to @LorenBednar & @CNIAngel for their artwork presented in the example below

3 art examples


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