Loot Part Four : Devices

There is very little time left before the Kickstarter for Approaching Infinity launches on Monday, 11/11/13. If you haven’t played the game yet, download it now!

Or at least, watch this short video.

I’ve already talked about weapons, defenses, secondary components, and trade commodities. That leaves devices.

Devices are ship components that provide special effects, like jewelry in fantasy roguelikes. How many devices you can equip at once depends on your ship’s reactor, and the maximum is 6. The landing party can also equip one device specifically geared towards their needs.

But what do devices actually DO?
There are currently 27 devices. They can have mundane but useful effects, like increasing your maximum cargo, supplies, or crew. Other devices boost your data gathering capabilities or help you find more resources on planets. Some devices offer protection against harmful space terrain, like ion storms and radiation belts. Some devices can even change the terrain, like the ram scoop, rock plow,  and mine sweeper.

Device On A Shipwreck

Here’s a device on a shipwreck, just north of the player. Unfortunately, there are also some space zombies.

I have lots more devices planned, and I’m sure I’ll come across additional ideas as well. Basically any stat in the game, any occurrence, can be effected by a device.

Do you have a great idea for a new effect in Approaching Infinity? Feel free to get in touch.


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