Approaching Infinity Kickstarter Launched!

ks launch 2

I couldn’t get a picture before people pledged. Thanks!

I worked very hard just getting this Kickstarter together, and I’ve still managed to make lots of little improvements to the game while doing it. (And I even put in animation one night. Have to take that off the To-Do list!)

Now I get to go back to CODING! This way, I can show backers (and potential backers!) that I can and will do this! And boy do I have a lot of catching up to do. While I’ve been promoting, David Gervais has been pumping out awesome new images.

I guess you can tell from the !!! that I am very excited right now. If you have any interest in space games, adventure games, roguelike games, infinite games, RPGs, trading games, mining games, etc. , please take a look at Approaching Infinity. I bet you’ll find something you like.

Thanks to the people who’ve brought the project up to 3% in 3 hours, and thanks in advance for all of you who will hopefully take it to 100% and beyond. Because there’s always room for improvement, especially in a never-ending game!


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