Approaching Infinity v0.0.6 is Live!

The new release of Approaching Infinity, a space adventure roguelike, is available now for PC. It is free,  smaller than the previous zip, and can be found at the same link as before, or right here.

Improvements Include:

  • Awesome “New Game” screen where you customize your captain and choose your ship
  • Your custom captain is then rendered in-game
  • Animation of planet monsters, explosions, asteroid mining, and “breeder” monsters
  • Fixed vim keys (hjkl) to the correct arrangement (sorry!)
  • Landing parties opening helmets on planets can now catch rudimentary diseases (DoT)
  • New “fog of war” presentation, more ‘nebulous’
  • Tons of small fixes
  • Part of ectogemia’s first original track for the game!

The kickstarter is going strong, but still needs your support. The sooner this thing gets funded (and stretched!), the sooner I can stop worrying about it and get on with actually making the game.

So if you enjoy Approaching Infinity, or just think it’s a great concept, please tell your friends, followers, readers, viewers, whatever you’ve got! Rewards are designed to get your creative input directly into the game! And a little humor (especially dry) is very welcome in the contributions.

This is an actual shot of the “New Game” screen, not the previous mockup:


Getting everything in the right place and working took many hours, but it was worth it.

Well, that completes this very short dev cycle. Now it’s back to “Promote”. Then “Design”. Then “Code”, then “Release”, and again. Of course this relies on the “Users” to continue sending feedback, so I know what direction to take things 😉

Thank you all!



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