New Showcase Video

I keep waking up early to work on Approaching Infinity. There’s just so much to do : Graphics, new features, balancing, videos, promotion, design, the list goes on.

A good chunk of my time has been spent making kickstarter videos. Producing videos is just not one of my strong suits. But thanks to a new track by ectogemia,  I think I’ve finally got it! Come check out my new video, showcasing the wonderful world of Approaching Infinity, and the people who are working to bring the game to you!

Monday was the beginning of the second week of the campaign, and 50% of the initial goal has been reached. That’s most of the core following, with a few people saving up to contribute later. What the game needs now is to reach a wider audience. If you like Approaching Infinity, space strategy games, roguelikes, or procedurally generated content, please, tell your friends about Approaching Infinity! And if you find a thread about it on your favorite social media outlet or forum, please stop by and comment!

And there is still plenty that you can contribute: art, writing, naming planets, ships, officers, items, and more! Now here’s a prototype for the upgraded Commodities Exchange:

Com Ex 2_Layout2


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