Twitch, Alien Language, and Art

Watching Jim play Approaching Infinity last night on twitch was a lot of fun! I never actually get to *play* the game, so it was nice to watch, and chat with the other people in the room. Great to meet you guys!  Jim got up to sector 12, found an artifact, and made friends with the Pirates! Now I just need some time to give the Pirates some actual quests you can play through.  I even ripped a sprite from Dungeonmans, animated it, and stuck it in as a monster for him. Thanks Jim!

New Backer Reward Tier: LINGUIST!

$45 , Limit 25

LINGUIST! Design a letter that will be used in an alien alphabet! Ever see the “Alienese” in Futurama, or the runes in Ultima games? Approaching Infinity will have its own alien language too, for special messages and hidden hints, and YOU can help design it, one character at a time! *Includes all previous tiers*  **Automatically included in higher tiers, regardless of Limit** 

A note on the “Artist” rewards. When I ask for “art”, I want actual “art”. Not game assets, but artistic expression. Are you a painter? Like to sketch, do pixel art, or make procedural digital art? As long as you can submit it as a 256×256 thumbnail-like image, it would be great for Approaching Infinity. It doesn’t specifically need to be tailored to the game. “Space is littered with the remnants of broken civilizations. While most things decay, some are preserved. From time to time, you will find a piece of alien art or poetry, especially in shipwrecks and ruined cities.”

More to come. Thanks for watching, playing, listening, and contributing!



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