IndieRPGs Preview #DL1337

Craig from IndieRPGs took a look at Approaching Infinity recently, and said some nice things. Read it here.

Lately I’ve been joining live streams of people playing Approaching Infinity, and getting their questions and feedback in real time. That is awesome, Thanks guys! I’ve made lots of little changes, and I was planning on a private release on today, but I forgot about their sometimes-long approval process. So…

Keep an eye on my twitter @IBOL17 today. I’ll be making a dropbox link available of the promised download. #DL1337

The Kickstarter is almost half over. If you haven’t come by to check out all the ways you can have some creative input directly into the game, please do it today!

Also got the beginnings of the Xeno-Archaeologists page up, but still need to sort through my twitter! Keep sending in those screenshots of Firax Artifacts, and your name will go up on the page!


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