Thanksgiving #Gamedev

Like many of you, I will be spending the Thanksgiving holiday with family. For me, that means a long car trip and limited internet connection. So, how will I work on Approaching Infinity? The old fashioned way, punch-cards! No, not really. Pen and paper! I have reams of paper game design documents, especially from Random Realms and Star Lord Omega (2005 4x space game).

I can take some time and really sketch out some of the major quests in the game. The over-arching story is there, but it needs to be strung together in a series of episodes (quests!). How do the Sigorn protect themselves from the pirates? What exactly is the Limoquee plan to eradicate the Vordalene? What do those crazy Firaxughinians want? Well, I’ll get to that!

Before I leave, though, I’ll do a few things.

First, I’m going to release a backers-only version of the game, where you start in sector 50! Tired of just having all those limitations on planetary exploration, or a range-1 warp drive? Well, come get a taste of the future! Wednesday. Backers Only! …Of course the free alpha demo remains available to everyone…

Then I’m going to introduce a new Reward Level: ENGINEER! Design a unique item. It can be a weapon, shield, warp drive, whatever. It’s up to you. It won’t come cheap, but it’s half the intended price, and it becomes available on Friday.

What’s in that Backer-Only Release?

  • Start in sector 50!
  • New Monsters
  • Damage from black holes
  • New Devices
  • Pretty new icons and screens

Happy Holidays,



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