Interview, Stretch Goals, and a New Video!

Approaching Infinity Has Hit Its Funding Goal!

With one week still to go, A.I. Has hit the base goal of $5000. This will ensure the game will be made, which is AWESOME! But check out these easily attainable stretch goals:

Stretch Goals 2

Also keep in mind that there will be no more public releases between the end of the kickstarter and the actual release of the game, scheduled for April 2014. If you’re not a “PLAYTESTER!” or higher, you’re stuck in sector 25 for a long, long time!

I’ve Been Interviewed!

I recently had an interview with Retro Game Geeks, all about Approaching Infinity, my game dev history, and my Atari 2600! It was a really great experience, and you can read all about it here.

New Video!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should really watch the new A.I. video, produced by Zach Long.

What’s Next?

Soon i’ll be releasing a tentative development plan for the next 2 weeks. Top of the list? Save Function! Planets and sectors are already saved, but your ship is not. That will be rectified for all backers at the end of the campaign (I’ll have it done and working before that). Just to be clear, All backers will receive the “Save Function” version. “PLAYTESTER!” and above will continue to receive alpha and beta updates throughout the development process, and have the opportunity to continue to shape the game.

Ever wonder what Approaching Infinity is written in? See here.


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