Mac Release and a Save Function!


Exciting times for Approaching Infinity as it enters the final week of the Kickstarter campaign. “Controller support” was the first stretch goal reached, then there was…

It looks like Approaching Infinity will have a Mac Release!

I don’t own a mac. That’s the plain and simple reason why “mac release” has always been a stretch goal. But the good news is, the language I’m coding in should (fingers crossed) transfer over pretty painlessly. So when the final game is released, there’s a paid service I can use to get Approaching Infinity ported to mac. Awesome!

Next Stretch Goal?

Auto-Explore Bot. You don’t have to use it, but it will be there. And it will have lots of settings, to determine what it is and is not allowed to do with your beloved ship and crew. From the basic, “Explore until you see something” all the way up to “do everything for me”. Of course, there’s so much in Approaching Infinity, you’ll really want to play the game yourself. The main reason I’m doing the Auto-Explore feature is because I like writing Artificial Intelligence routines. But it can get to be time consuming…Let’s Do It!

Save Function

The save function has been coded! I am still testing it to make sure everything gets transferred, and I need some nice UI buttons to go with it (David!) but still, it’s looking good! So far I can confirm that quests, equipment, cargo, and stats all get transferred between saves. But I want to make sure it’s perfect…

Final Release Coming

All backers, regardless of pledge level, will receive the final alpha with the save function included. After that, people who’ve pledged at the “PLAYTESTER!” and above levels will continue to receive betas throughout the development process. And your feedback will help shape the game!

People who haven’t pledged will still have a stable version to play, but it will be capped at sector 25 (or less). Plenty of gameplay to evaluate. Maybe other teasers will come out along the way… 😉

Avatar – A – Day

I’ve started changing my twitter avatar once a day, to showcase different ships in Approaching Infinity. First up, the Tentaculon Minelayer. “A powerful mid-sized alien ship that litters space with deadly mines.” Tentaculons are not immediately hostile to the player, and if you give them enough distance, you can eventually become friends with them. They also tend to drop powerful devices when destroyed, but if you cross them, you’re in for a tough fight!

Also on twitter right now, I’m running a “Re-Tweet” contest, where the prize is being able to design a level for the game! If you’re interested, look through my tweets until you find the one with this text:

First 25 Re-Tweets #RT Will get to design a level for this game: … Custom editor, make it as easy or hard as you want!

and Re-Tweet it! Every RT wins!

Found Another One!

“Star Control in an infinite procedurally generated universe.  That’s the point where designer Bob Saunders could drop the mic and walk off the stage…” Read more

Thanks again to all the backers and supporters!


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