YASD : Yet Another Stupid Death?!

“Yet Another Stupid Death” is a common forum post for some roguelike games. It refers to character deaths that basically come out of nowhere. Falling down stairs while over-encumbered. Picking up a cockatrice corpse with no gloves on. Putting on an amulet of strangulation.

I’m trying hard to avoid these in Approaching Infinity. I don’t want people to invest hours into a game, then come across something new and it kills them instantly, just because they were curious. The game is meant to be transparent as much as possible; you should know how things work up front.

I also wouldn’t expect people to read through 50 pages of spoilers just to figure out what something does. I’d like to start a player’s forum, and get some on-line help, but it shouldn’t be crucial to winning.

There are lots of dangerous things of course. Powerful enemies, damaging terrains, deadly diseases. Even some artifacts are dangerous. But they won’t kill you instantly. (Well if you anger the Firax, I can’t protect you…)
But if the captain needs to lead a dangerous away mission, and you’re putting everything on the line, it tells you.

I bet everyone has died from a lack of supplies, or from running out of oxygen 🙂 But then you realize, hey, there’s a supply indicator. And then there’s even a flashing warning. So yeah, the game tells you it’s coming. Just stay on top of it. Before you know it, your new engines and reactor will be using half the supplies, and your away team will have loads of oxygen, and you can worry about other things. Like Gruff Humiliators and Rogue Tentaculon Cruisers.

Don’t be afraid of perma-death in Approaching Infinity. Embrace it. Live every moment as if it could be your last. Make informed decisions, and you will live a long and prosperous life. (Spock would be proud!)


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