36 Hours Left!

Approaching Infinity is in its final 36 hours! It’s been an awesome crazy ride. Thanks to everyone for getting it this far. And a special thanks to David, Nathan, Simon, and Zach, for their collaboration (hope you guys are reading!) Also thanks to all the playtesters for helping to sharpen the gameplay experience so far.

Game Development:

I got caught in that east coast ice storm, and didn’t make it home until this afternoon. Luckily, I had my laptop with me, and wrote the generation and implementation code for the Cloaking Device! You’ll find that in your “Backer Edition”, on the 11th!

Stretch Goals:

At this moment, Approaching Infinity is funded. We have also met 4 stretch goals: Controller Support, Auto-Explore feature, Modding Guide, and Ongoing Mac Support! How great is that? (very!)

There are still some great goals left too: An  Achievement System, Full – Time Game Development + ASCII Tileset + Very Polished Game, 16 Alien Races, and, am I Insane? … the $15,000 Consensus Stretch Goal! You will speak, and I will Listen! And $20,000 guarantees a full year of game development, with the main game coming out as planned in April 2014, and a DLC pack at the end of the year that will be free to all backers!

More Rewards?!

In case you haven’t noticed, a slipped in a few more reward tiers. If you’ve already pledged at a higher level, these will be included for you!

$90 – VILIFIER! Name a powerful Unique Enemy! It could be an alien ship, a planet monster, of some other sinister creature, your choice!

$500 – CODEBREAKER! Receive a signed, printed version of Approaching Infinity’s source code! I used to  print out my Atari 800XL programs. This is a total nostalgia thing!

And these are still in addition to the added quasi-physical rewards (wallpapers, etc) I threw in to the lower tiers! I Love You All!


A popular question lately is about “Higher Resolution” modes. I am looking into this, and at the end, will find out from you what your highest resolution is, and shoot for that. Being a Rogue-Like designer, i tend to think “backwards compatible” instead of “top-of-the-line”. But that is changing!

My Dream Job:

Lots of people have already written about A.I. in more places than I can count, and I am eternally grateful for that. To anyone who can still post about the game somewhere, I’d really appreciate it. This is my chance to make game development my job, and that’s my dream 😀

You have already done so much, so I won’t pressure you.

I’ll just say,




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