YAVP : Approaching Infinity Is Funded!

Approaching Infinity was 160% funded about 21 hours ago!

It still hasn’t really sunk in, but I’m already gearing up for the next round of coding.

YAVP means “Yet Another Victory Post”, and is the compliment to “Yet Another Stupid Death”.


The same download link that provided version 0.0.6 will now give you version 0.0.8, which is the final public release. If you missed the kickstarter, and still wish to contribute, get great rewards, and get the updated game with save function and no sector limit, you can pledge via Paypal.

Here are some of the things backers will get (and non-backers will miss!), just  in the next few weeks:

  • Caves on planets, where you can explore infinitely deep, as long as you have enough oxygen!
  • Crystal Weavers, a kind of space-borne monster that weaves crystalline webs
  • Wormholes that take you to a random sector. Enter at your own risk!
  • Implementation of the Pay It Forward system. You may have noticed that your credits are saved, you just can’t access them. That will change!
  • New kinds of random quests, including “Bring our boys home” (thanks, Simon!)
  • New sector and planet generator types
  • Oscillating Energy Fields, an exotic type of space terrain.
  • The editor for the level design Re-Tweet rewards
  • More alien shipsets
  • Ideas based on your feedback!
  • More awesome original tracks by ectogemia!

I will also return to more actual game development related articles here 🙂

So thanks everyone for believing in me & Approaching Infinity!


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