Ground Combat

In the first week since the kickstarter, I’ve made some amazing progress with Approaching Infinity. There are caves on planets now, of infinite depth, with their own monsters and loot. Added several new enemy types, and greatly refined the monster spawning routines. And I Implemented “Pay It Forward”! Now you can start getting your money back…


But something that I’ve really been thinking a lot about is Ground Combat.

Right now, combat on planets is pretty plain. You just shoot or bump, and try to make intelligent moves. But I’ve got a few ideas to add a lot more depth of choice to it.

1. Greater differentiation in hand weapons. For example, making rifles the base weapon, with basically 100% stats in everything. But then there’s shotguns, which have reduced range , but the ability to hit up to 3 targets. Pistols are a little weaker than rifles, but have the added bonus of increasing your overall movement speed. Sniper rifles have more range & damage, but are cumbersome, and the gatling gun can spray everything but slows you to a crawl. What do you think?

2. Grenades! A limited-ammunition, area-effect weapon. Grenades would then become a new equipment slot, with their own set of stats. Damage, range, ammo, radius…what else?

3. Melee Weapons! Why didn’t I think of this before? It is a rogue-like after all! Melee weapons would probably just be higher damage, non-ranged weapons. But can you carry both a melee weapon and a ranged weapon at the same time? If you can, there’s no real trade-off, and it’s just another thing. But if you can’t, it seems pretty unrealistic. You should be able to carry both a gun and a knife, right?

4. What are your ideas? I’ve heard the idea of deployable auto-turrets, and that seems cool. Traps you can lay has also been mentioned. What can you think of that would fit Approaching Infinity?

I really would like to hear what people have to say about these issues. It’s going to be a big change to the game, and I want people to be happy with it. So leave a comment here, or you can email me saunders72[at]Hotmail[dot]com, or catch me on twitter @IBOL17

If you’re really interested in the development of Approaching Infinity, I suggest you check the Kickstarter Updates page occasionally. A lot of stuff gets posted there.


6 thoughts on “Ground Combat

  1. Not strictly related to combat, but what about secret walls (leading to secret rooms) that you can only spot with special gear? They would look like regular walls otherwise. Inside the secret rooms could be unique monsters requiring special weapons 🙂

  2. Re: Melee weapons, and carrying both melee and ranged:
    Why not put limits on it, for example weapon “hands.”
    One-handed weapons are generally weaker than two handed, but you can carry two of them and have both melee and ranged, e.g. a pistol and a knife. Or you can carry a two-handed weapon that deals much more damage but is only melee OR ranged, e.g. a rifle or laser battleaxe.

  3. I am not a big fan of the current scorched earth politic. Each planet I visit I leave destroyed with all inhabitants killed and the resourced depleted. Not to mention all the burn marks (a navigation officer should enable me to land exactly where I point to on a planet if its not water or something).

    • Hi, Olaf, I’m going to answer all your comments individually, but I will say that it looks like you might be playing an older version of the game. There will be a new public trial, more advanced, but also more limited, coming soon.
      You can’t land-spam anymore, so no more scorched earth. I never really thought about non-violent planet missions much. I will now. I have added one non-hostile monster to planets.
      The problem with choosing your landing spot is that it gets rid of the “exploration” aspect of the game. If you get to pick, then you need to see. if you see then you don’t need to explore. That’s why that is.

  4. Well one reason why I wanted to pick a spot is because I could not go over mountains as pointed out a another post. Now I found a mountain walker which makes exploration a piece of cake. Thank you pirate.

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