Approaching Infinity : Forward Unto Beta!

Forward Unto Beta

Software in “Beta” state is described as “feature complete, but still with bugs and issues”.  So far, you’ve had access to the alpha, which shows what’s been done so far (which is substantial). But it also holds the promise of so much more!

My goal is to take Approaching Infinity up to BETA in January. For that I need to add these major systems to the existing game:

  • Officers
  • Crafting
  • Speed
  • Shipyard
  • Identify
  • Victory

The first project is Crafting, and it’s a big one. You will be able to take apart and construct devices and components, using parts and recipes. That’s really a lot of variables. Today, I wrote some surprisingly simple algorithms to randomize the crafting recipes for each playthrough! In each new game, you’ll have to discover how to build a laser cannon, shield, engine, or rock plow. Crafting will be more of a mid-game concern, so don’t worry when you’re just starting out.

I will be doing my best *not* to add new monsters, devices, and map generators during this time…but that’s hard! I’ve got so many great ideas 😉

The officers system also promises to be feature rich, and will eventually have a major impact on gameplay.

The shipyard will allow you to buy new ship hulls, while keeping your existing components. Eventually, you’ll be able to unlock new kinds of ships, so I’m sure you’ll want to upgrade!

All ships, items, and monsters in the game already have speed, but it doesn’t do anything. I’ll need to activate that.

The Identify system has to do with artifacts. You will actually have to use your powers of logic and observation to determine what effects they have. I will also include several other forms of ID if you can’t figure them out 😉

And…Victory! You want to be able to win, right? Well, I’ll need to have a least one victory condition achievable in order to consider it beta. Which one will it be?

So that’s what’s in the works. I’ve also got some other ideas, and I’m sure more will come up along the way, but that’s the plan. January: Beta. February… who knows? Maybe full racial quests? Probably… Release is still scheduled for April 2014.


4 thoughts on “Approaching Infinity : Forward Unto Beta!

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  2. I have some beta questions:
    – How does auto repair for spacesuits work?
    – Trading seems to be and issue as prices change in a way that there are totally unpredictable. Maybe there is a better way to it like getting demand notifications for certain products and sectors.
    – Some quests cant be completed as the planet runs out on critters to kill? Maybe they should reproduce so you can come back later and finish the job?
    – I would like to see a form of friendly exploration and trading. Like trade for maps, fulfill trading quests for planets etc.

    • Hi, Olaf, I’m going to answer all your comments individually, but I will say that it looks like you might be playing an older version of the game. There will be a new public trial, more advanced, but also more limited, coming soon.
      – auto-repair for suits heals 1% of total HP or 1 HP, whichever is higher, per turn, but may not be implemented in your version. it is now!
      – prices are random across a spectrum of ‘acceptable’ values for each commodity for each station, but they remain the same at each station, allowing trade routes of buy-low-sell-high once you’ve discovered them. “demand notifications” has been mentioned, and will be considered.
      – again, older version: now, you can always be guaranteed to find enough quest items on planets/in space/whatever.
      – I have started to consider ‘friendly exploration’ . thanks, that’s a new idea! I wonder what the challenge is to the player, though? I thought of this one: “deliver a cure to a colony world while for a zombie plague…while the zombies chase you!”
      Thanks for the feedback,

      • Thank, I am looking forward to the new version. In the mean time I will see if I can find a trade route.

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