A Randomized Crafting System In Approaching Infinity!


Alchemy is one of my favorite parts of Elder Scrolls games. I used to have endless stacks of intelligence-boosting potions sitting around Balmora in Morrowind. Those were the days… Now I scour skyrim for fungal pods and chaurus eggs. I appreciate the smithing and enchanting, but don’t find them nearly as interesting as alchemy…

Relevance? Well, I’ve had a few days to get to work on my plan of bringing Approaching Infinity up to beta status, and I’ve actually got something to show for it: The crafting system works! Granted, the initial interface is just a bunch of lists, but everything works! In the end, it will look something like this:

davids reply

Here is the idea behind the crafting system in A.I.:

  • You can craft both ship components (like weapons & shields) and devices (like the rock plow, warp breach, and life support systems)
  • You need to know the “recipe” for each item to be able to craft it.
  • Each “recipe” is made of 4 or 5 “parts” (like the quark screw, wavelength compensator, and graviton hammer)  , and there are 25 parts.
  • All crafting ‘recipes’ are randomized for each new game. No spoilers, no “wheat + giant’s toe = big $$$”
  • Recipes and parts can be found as loot, or purchased from stations.
  • You can also take apart your spare components to learn their recipes, and to salvage them for parts.
  • It takes more parts to make something than you get from breaking it down (at least until you get some crafting-improving items or officers).
  • You might be able to ‘experiment’ by putting different parts together and seeing what it makes (if anything). Might this be dangerous, too?

In general, crafting is meant to be an optional part of the game, and more of a mid-game concern. When you’re just fighting your way through the first few sectors, you won’t need to think about finding a crafting recipe for a ram scoop. Once you’re more established, you can start worrying about that.

If you have any suggestions or questions about the crafting system (or anything else in the Approaching Infinity universe!) please feel free to comment! Here’s a little teaser for the “experimentation” part that David just sent me:


Now I’m going to work on optimizing the enemy AI and activating the speed system. After all that work on crafting, I was looking for something easy… 😛


5 thoughts on “A Randomized Crafting System In Approaching Infinity!

  1. I just crafted a stealth coating and installed it, but it does not show on the installed components screen. Is this a bug? Do you have a separate place for reporting (suspected) bugs?

    • Realised it’s not a bug but part of landing party equipment. Not being able to click/view different tabs while in space station view makes understanding what i have or need a lot harder (I understand the game’s not ready yet, just trying to be helpful 🙂

      • there’s a ‘stealth coating’ and then there’s a ‘hazmat coating’ stealth is for ship, hazmat is for landing party…
        you can definitely click and view different displays while in the space station in every section except the commodities exchange.
        and I will be putting that back in too. I took it out because all keys A-Z are used up in that screen.
        you can also use the [ and ] keys to *scroll* those side menus…and the function keys for that matter…

  2. Totally agree that alchemy was one of the best parts of TES series… I really loved that you could poison weapons (FINALLY) in Oblivion! There are few joys in life that equal assassinating a Daedra lord by firing a poisoned arrow over an intervening boulder… good times!

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