Skilled Officers In Approaching Infinity

OK, so the next system I’m prototyping is Officers.

Officers provide bonuses just like devices do. Improve your damage or evasion, your shield strength, the amount of supplies you use or carry, item prices, crafting abilities, anything you can think of.

So, that’s the challenge here today: Tell me what you think Officers should be able to do. Basically, they are “skill boosters”, so what “skills” would you like to see “boosted”?

It was also suggested to me that officers could have special limited-use skills, that could be controlled with a cool-down. Got an idea for one of those?

I already have a huge list, but you folks always think of things I don’t, so surprise me!

A little more about “officers”:

Each officer has a “specialization” or “skill area”, like science, engineering, tactical, or social. They gain experience through your actions, and can ‘level up’. When they do, you get to pick new skills for them to learn! You can choose if officers go on away missions too, possibly providing bonuses there. But if they go, be careful, because they can DIE!

Another thing I’d like is for people to send me screenshots of your game deaths, especially
if you’ve made it to higher sectors (10+) . I don’t want to gloat 😉 I’m just trying to analyze turn-count vs. sector reached. Certain game actions are controlled or influenced by turn count.

I made it to sector 20 and played for 10,275 turns. What about you?

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5 thoughts on “Skilled Officers In Approaching Infinity

  1. A few thoughts:
    Class: Shield Tech
    Effect: +x to shield strength
    Cooldown: Restore y points of shield strength
    Level bonus: increase one variable
    Away team bonus: Away team shield
    Chance to die in space if: Shield reaches 0

    Class: Weapons Tech
    Effect: +x to ship weapon damage
    Cooldown: Extend weapon range (y) or damage (z)
    Level bonus: increase one variable
    Away team bonus: Extra landing party weapon damage
    Chance to die in space if: hull takes damage

    Class: Scientist
    Effect: extra data gained from exploration
    Cooldown: chance to reveal part of crafting recipe when experimenting
    Level bonus: increased data bonus
    Away team bonus: extra data gained from exploration
    Chance to die in space if: experimental crafting fails

    Class: Merchant
    Effect: better prices when buying/selling
    Cooldown: high pressure deal – receive a large discount for one purchase, may fail
    Level bonus: better prices
    Away team bonus: more credits when collecting loot piles in temples
    Chance to die in space if: high pressure deal fails

    • Hey, Jeremy, these are really great! they’re really orderly and clearly describe a method of defining officer classes. the “Chance to die in space if” is brilliant… I knew that officers who went down to planets could be killed there, but hadn’t figure out a way to specifically endanger them in space…very nice!

  2. I also would like to see a class: navigator. Giving effects to find things in a sector, engine efficiency, and the ability to land on a selected spot on a planet. The last is really the key here as I cant complete some quests because the objective is hidden behind mountains that can be crossed. On a similar note how about a space suite that lets you cross mountains?

    • Olavius,
      There are now officer skills that cover a lot of that. At this time, you can not select the landing spot on a planet. However, you also can not keep landing and re-landing in different spots. Your one spot is all you get. no more shuttle spam! so, if you can’t do it, get better equipment and come back later.
      there really are an infinite number of quests and planets and loot…just move on.
      as far as crossing mountains, there are now devices in the game that will let you cross mountains, water, acid, and lava (4 separate devices), so you can find & use those!

  3. I do not agree with the one spot approach either. After all I manage warp drive. Therefore I should be able to select a landing spot within a certain proximity. You could penalize it by using up resources or (more painful) cool down.
    Also you don’t mention a device that can cross city walls.

    I think I’m reaching a point where the next release would be cool to have. BTW does the greed inducer work in beta? That one was quite expensive and I don’t think it works.Well I guess I’m too greedy.

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