Approaching Infinity, One Month Later

Wow! It’s been a month since the Kickstarter Success!


Here are some progress highlights from the past 30 days:

  • Added the prototype Shipyard (Just this morning!)
  • Added the Save Function
  • Added basic controller support
  • Activated the movement speed system
  • Added caves on planets, and their unique inhabitants
  • Prototyped the Crafting system
  • Added the Cloaking Device
  • Added at least one ship from 10 races
  • Added many new device types
  • Activated the Pay It Forward system
  • Added black holes, wormholes, and space monsters!
  • Added Racial Hails
  • Bug Fix, Bug Fix, Bug Fix!
  • Got a Mac Mini, for the Mac version creation (WOW!)
  • Currently working out the Soundtrack details with Ectogemia!

On new years eve, I asked my twitter followers whether I should quit my job, so I could work on game development full time. They were very pragmatic, and said no. (Thanks a lot, magic 8-ball!) So, all of that progress is still done late nights and weekends… I’m tired, but I’m pretty happy with it!

To complete my plan stated in “Forward Unto Beta“, I still need to incorporate the identify system, skilled officers, and at least one type of victory. Crafting was taunting me, I poured two weeks into it. But now it’s really looking up, because I’ve got plenty of time to finish the rest. I’m going to start with the easy stuff…hmm…which one is that again?


(a look at the crafting lab, where you can experiment to find new schematics!)

Once those features are added, I can really start to focus on adding quality content, like full detailed racial quest lines! I also plan to flesh out the disease system to something deeper and more interesting. Later today I plan on adding the first “powers” to monster attacks (ion damage in space and stun damage on planets!). Then there are about 30 more devices to implement, and the list goes on.

shipyard prototype

And a simple mock-up of the shipyard. It’s fully functional, it just needs to be made to look nicer!

Also coming up will be the introduction of the level designer. You may have noticed I offer level design as a reward on twitter (I’m @IBOL17 ). Well, it’s coming! I plan on running a contest with a few different categories, so start thinking about it. Want a hint? Well, I can’t think of one, so I’ll just tell you: You’ll be designing a shipwreck!

still amazed 1


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