Almost There, and a PodCast!

Approaching Infinity is well on the way to BETA! Saturday I tied up the preliminary work on Officers. You can hire them at stations, fire them, level them up, choose their skills, and more. The infrastructure for their skills is laid out and functional, but many of them are not actually implemented yet. And of course, the screen needs buttons and a nicer appearance.

This came on the tail of the Crafting and Shipyard systems, both completed last-week-ish. The final things I need to tackle are the Identify system for artifacts, and a Victory condition. For victory, I’ve got a classic roguelike one in mind, that will not be available in the final game, only to beta testers! And it will be both humorous and challenging.

This morning, in less than two hours, I implemented this list of effects (mostly officer skills): greed inducer, self sealing suits , mysterious deaths  , Intuitive Mapping , hand scanners , warp cooler  , cloak enhancer , researcher  , forensics,  Data Analyst  , propulsion systems  , Energy Fields, Build It Better , Efficient Construction , targetting, ordnance

UPDATE: In the last two hours, I knocked out the temporary victory condition!  You can now win the game!

Beta is coming at the end of January. And when the Beta is released, It’s going to become available on Of course, all existing beta testers will already be receiving it.

Sunday (TODAY!) at 6pm EST, I will be on Randomly Generated Podcast! Come listen to FedoraG4mer, Phil ,  Ginger Dragon and me… talk… about… games! stop by and join in the fun!

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