Early Access and a Contest!

Available Now on Itch.io

Approaching Infinity is now available for early access! Join the beta test and support the development of an awesome space strategy game! There is also a new public demo available, to showcase the new features. I just can’t stand the thought of people playing something over a month old…there have been so many improvements!

The Kickstarter was a success, and I’m grateful for all the support I’ve already received. But a lot of people missed out on that, so here’s your chance to get your voice heard during the development process, and also get some cool rewards! There will also be an itch.io exclusive reward: A spoiler-level report on all 12 alien races! Find out what they want, and how to give it to them. Find out who hates who, and why. Learn to exploit their individual alien psychologies for fun and profit!

Pirate Level

Level Design Contest

During the month of February, I’ll be running a Level Design Contest for A.I. The contest will be open to anyone, no purchase necessary (you don’t even have to play AI!). Just use the simple software I’ve created for the purpose of designing a “Shipwreck” level. There will be at least 4 categories, and multiple winners within each. Many entries will be included in the final game. Prizes will include digital soundtrack, wallpapers, copies of Approaching Infinity, and more!

level designer 2

Progress This Week

I’ve finally updated the targeting system to point at closer enemies first. On planets, your weapons can now do “splash damage”, which is determined by what type of weapon you carry. That short-range shotgun just got a whole lot more effective! And if you can find a mortar, you’re going to do some major crowd control! You probably already know that the officers, crafting, and shipyard systems are now part of the game too! I’ve continued tweaking these in response to some early feedback.


I’ve added Auto-Saves for all you intrepid beta testers! You’re out there hunting bugs for me, and that’s great! I know what it feels like when you lose your game to a crash. You report it, I fix it. But that character is gone! Well, not anymore! Any time you use a warp point, your game will be automatically saved. I’m also going to turn off perma-death during the early beta phase! OMG!

tired of losing your game


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