February #Gamedev Plans

January was all about reaching “beta” status, and that’s done. So, what’s up for February?


Saturday, February 1st, 10pm EST, @MightBeGiantYT will be hosting a live stream of Approaching Infinity, with me and  @Avg_Gmr in the voice chat! I’ll be fielding questions, talking about future plans, and just enjoying myself! Join us!http://www.twitch.tv/mightbegiantYT

Race Quests

These are the main avenue to winning the game. There are a guaranteed 5 paths to victory, and possibly 9-10, depending on how development goes. If you make friends with a race (mostly by not killing them, or killing their enemies), you will eventually discover their embassy. Go there, and start taking quests. If you complete them all, some of them will lead to victory!

I intend to complete at least 4 racial quest lines during February. I’m starting with the pirates. The Gruff quest is already partially done, and if you find their embassy, you can do it. So, who would you like to see? Here are the 12 races (for the first time ever!) :

  • Pirates
  • Gruff
  • Tentaculons
  • Limoquee
  • Vordalene
  • Sigorn
  • Bankers
  • Firaxughinians
  • Resistance
  • Monks
  • Eaters
  • Unifiers

You won’t see the Resistance quest during February … It’s the longest, hardest, perma-death-iest quest in the game. Gonna save that for a bit…But here is one ship from each race, in order:



I am going to collect all the user feedback from the beta test, which just started today! For bugs, I will continue squashing. But for actual gameplay suggestions, this month is going to be the most important time. Got an idea? Send it in!

What is the biggest hot-button issue? Shuttle Landing! Some people want to land everywhere, some anywhere, some only one place. Some repeatedly, some with a cool-down, some with a supply cost! What do I do? You can help decide!

I personally think that if you were going to select a landing site, that would take away from the exploration aspect of the planet game. I’ve also heard it said that “If I can fly faster than light and shoot fusion beams, shouldn’t I be able to steer my shuttle?” well…

That’s It

What? Only two things!? The whole month, and that’s my whole plan? Yep. Race quests and feedback is really a pretty huge concern. Those two issues will shape the future of the game.

New Public Demo Available Here

The Beta Is On Sale Here


One thought on “February #Gamedev Plans

  1. I am for being able to control my landing side or proximity. As mentioned in earlier posts I have warp drive so I should be able to control my shuttle. I am also lazy. The landing can be penalized with cool down and or resources. Cool down can be harsh if you land in the middle of some gnashers; not to mention the annoyance. That should prevent shuttle spam.
    Since we have caves now and stuff I don’t think it will negatively impact the exploration part of the game.

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