Pirate Quests

I’ve started on the Pirate Race Quest, and I’m going to try to show my progress. It’s off to a slow start, with just analyzing all the existing quest handling features, and figuring out how to do what again…it’s been months since I wrote the Gruff quest. The quest system is very versatile, and I can make it do just about anything I want…I just need to remember how 🙂

So, I’ve been trying for about 2 hours to get a test-quest happening. The Pirates have left there booty (treasure chests) in various caves throughout one of the sectors, and they are tasking you with finding it for them. This is the first quest that happens specifically in caves, so that took some handling. Then there was spawning a new kind of quest item, that was both specific in it’s name & image, but also general in its usage. Then I had to actually make it show up. There were a few compiles where I thought the chests weren’t spawning, but in fact, they were just not being displayed…

thar be the booty capn

But now it works, and I just completed the quest in-game. This lays down additional framework for all other race quests, which is good. In fact one of the reasons I wanted to work on multiple race quests at once was so that when I write new functionality, I can use it in the planning of the other race’s quests.

So now it’s time to remove that quest, and start with the actual first pirate quest: Prove Yourself! So you want to join the pirates, eh? Go plunder some helpless freighters, and then we’ll talk! … And, 45 minutes later, I’m back! Granted, I did have to go answer the door to some garbage salesman (literally, he wanted to offer me garbage service). My wife won’t let me put up a “No Soliciting” sign. Anyway, I killed the freighters, and now the bankers won’t even let me dock! (The Sigorn are like a slave race to the bankers, and they haul their wares throughout space). These pirates better be worth it!

Next: An honest to goodness Treasure Hunt, with maps, and clues, and maybe even some digging! More Later…


Ok, it’s after midnight now, and I’ve done a few more Pirate quests. I decided against the digging idea, because it didn’t really seem to add anything interesting to the game. But, the pirates do have you searching for clues, and then, once you’ve found enough, you get to go claim one of their great lost treasures. But wait! It’s protected by a rival gang of mercenaries! And the captain needs to lead such an important mission…are you brave enough?

Collecting Contraband

And if you complete that one, you’ve got to try to help them corner the market on contraband. Then it’s back to hunting clues! More missions are planned. Will you become the king of the pirates? Or just some lackey who does their bidding? We’ll see…


3 thoughts on “Pirate Quests

  1. Are there going to be other places you can dock, if you can make the Bankers mad enough to prevent you from docking? It seems like not being able to dock would be a pretty major problem.

    • Yes, of course! In order to begin the pirate quest line, you need to make friends with them. After that, their stations “Pirate Bases” will start to appear. You can do everything there that you can do at a Banker’s Station, including, Start the pirate quest line!

      All of the race quests work this way. Make friends, find embassy, dock, start quest. The more friends you have, the more other types of stations you’ll find.

      This already works, try it with the Gruff. Kill about 30 of them, and they’ll respect you. Find their station in a new sector, and start their “hunting” quest line.

      • Oh, that’s cool. I didn’t realize they were already there, I guess I just assumed if I couldn’t see it, it didn’t exist.

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