Two Weeks Of Beta

The Approaching Infinity Beta has been out for almost two weeks. I’m getting lots of great feedback, and fixing bugs when they pop up. I’ve also made a lot more progress on quests than I expected. Here’s a report:

  • Completed 10 quests for the pirates, and there’s still more to come!
  • Made quests for 7 of the other races, and right now am working on another one (The Monks!)
  • Introduced many new types of quests, which can now be used in the creation of MORE!
  • Decided that I can complete ALL the quests during February, instead of just 4!
  • Introduced Commodity Shortage and Surplus, to make trade more interesting
  • Found and fixed a bug in Commodities trading that I didn’t know existed
  • Introduced “Level Feels” , giving you some idea of local geography
  • Collected a list of issues from Beta testers
  • Spent a lot of time working on “Galactic Megastructures”, a new area to encounter!
  • Had another nice conversation with the creator of Prospector
  • Created a text wrap function
  • Got cool new images from David!

So, yeah, I’m finding out that once the quest functionality is in place, the actual creating of the quests doesn’t take very much time. I’ve had outlines for each race for months, and now putting them into the game is relatively straightforward. Of course, sometimes changing one seemingly innocuous variable somewhere causes crazy things to happen elsewhere, but that always seems to happen.

An update is probably still another week away, but it will be RICH.

Sound like fun? Get the latest DEMO version or get BETA access and and the full game, all from

I leave you with a picture of the Galactic Mega-Structure, found on the Monks’ Holy Quest!

inside gal meg


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