Ship Editor and More Quests!

Shipwreck Level Editor

The Level Editor is out now, and it’s free. Create your own Shipwrecks that can be found in the game! I am accepting levels to be included with the final release, and this is open to anyone. You can find the editor on the main page here.


I did one of these, the other two were created by A.I. fans. Thanks guys!

Instructions are included, both for general usage, and for submitting your work. In March, I will be publicly announcing the winners of the “Shipwreck Design Contest” that’s going on right now. Join In; There will be prizes! The categories are:

MOST CREATIVE: Just plain most interesting to look at; most original

MOST DIFFICULT: Level that is just so hard, but keeps you coming back

MOST DAMAGED: This wreck looks like a *wreck*! You know why it’s drifting in space.

MOST RECOGNIZABLE: This one looks like something. The Enterprise, Pac-Man, the Eiffel tower, whatever

The editor is easy to use, and you can create deathtraps, monster zoos, treasure troves, mazes, and more. Generate an endless supply of random ships to modify, or start from scratch. Add terrain, loot, monsters, and puzzle elements. Try it today!

Quest Update:

I now have at least 1 quest for each of the 12 races, and half of them are 80% complete or more. Of course, once people start playing them, we’ll see how complete they are 😉


I don’t have any flashy endings yet, and even the quests that lead to a victory don’t actually end the game. But the scripting system is there. the files are there. the dialog is there! Quests can take you to places that you would otherwise never see, or pit you against enemies you’ve never heard of!


some race’s quests provide a win condition, and completing those will end your game. I’m hoping that they’ll also provide you with some sort of bonus in future games. One thing I can think of is that completing a race’s quest line will give you a +15 reputation bonus with that race in all future games. You’re still perfectly able to attack them, but if you want to befriend them, it will be that much easier!


For races that don’t provide a game-ending victory, their quests loop. Once they’ve reached a particular goal, they will give you several missions that eventually repeat. This will be a way for you to keep earning rewards, and it pushes you further out into the galaxy.


And there is still one major source of quests yet to be introduced into the game: S.O.S. Beacons. These float in space, kind of like stations, but their sole purpose is to give you quests. People all over the galaxy are always losing things, and when they really need them back, they turn to the local SOS Beacon. Jormicrog Thrix lost 3 Megafonium Spanners on a planet in sector 33. Please return them! Will pay handsomely. And so on.

Later, I will make a post about the theory behind Quests in Approaching Infinity.


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