AI Beta 02

Approaching Infinity Beta 02 Has been released!

February was all about doing the major quests that are presented to you by the intelligent alien races you meet in the game. Four of those races provide new victory conditions (Vordalene, Bankers, Firaxughinians, Monks). Quest lines that don’t end the game have a tendency to loop, providing a basically endless source of rewards. There were lots of other minor changes.

If you want to get the game now, you can play the demo, download the shipwreck level editor, or get beta access and the finished product (scheduled for April 2014) right here:

Plans for March:

March is time to make all the major changes that still need to be done. Here’s a partial list:

  • Ground combat and melee weapons
  • Special powers for Monsters and alien ships
  • Boss monsters
  • S.O.S. Beacons (another source of quests)
  • Effects screen
  • Refinement of the Officers system
  • Disease Remodel
  • Adding new ship classes
  • Continuing to add new Monsters, Devices, and Effects
  • Terrain Refinement
  • Continuing to incorporate ideas from players like you!

Seven Day Rogue Like

7DRL is a yearly game jam that challenges people to create a complete roguelike game in 7 days (168 hours!) I have competed successfully for the last 3 years, and I’d like to do the same this year. I intend to make a modified version of Approaching Infinity. This version of the game will be free, and will allow you to go to sector 25 (this is higher than the current demo allows). It will maintain many of the existing elements, while also being a unique experience tailored to the roguelike traditions. Wish me luck (and allow me the time!)

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