Awesome #Gamedev Weeks!


It has been a great couple of weeks for Approaching Infinity! So many little features have been added. Things that have been crying for attention, or sitting quietly waiting to be noticed.

  • Officers can now actually join away teams, and they can be killed if the team is lost!
  • Alien Diseases now spread among the crew and kill over time if you allow an infected landing party to return to the ship.
  • Space stations can cure your diseases for a price.
  • You can now encounter officers stranded on planets and shipwrecks, and invite them to join you!
  • Realized I left some extremely silly dialog in the Pirate’s quests 😉
  • Introduced Melee weapons, and added a penalty to some ranged weapons when firing too close (like the sniper rifle).
  • Got the Achievement system functioning!
  • Adjusted planet terrain to more closely match the planet environment (no more snow on molten planets!)
  • Added three kinds of status-effect damage that monsters can now cause to the away team: Fire, Poison, and Energy.
  • Introduced “S.O.S. Beacons”, which generate even more random quests!
  • Added the “Effects” screen, which is now a big help to artifact ID and Crafting.
  • Made each class of officer gain XP based on actions related to their specialization.
  • Introduced “Merc Bases” which are sometimes found on planets

Eden Sector

Seven Day Rogue Like (7drl) is upon us once again. I’ve been participating since 2010, and I don’t want to miss it this year. So, I am creating “Eden Sector“, a new adventure within the world of Approaching Infinity. It will draw from the same basic characters, items, story, and framework, but it will be a separate and unique adventure. An arduous crawl across space (and time?!) to find a certain fabled amulet.

Eden Sector will show off many of the new features of the main game mentioned above, and it will have some surprises of its own. It will be a complete game, free and available to everyone.  The deadline is Sunday, March 16th, so I’ve got to get to work!


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