Eden Sector and Approaching Infinity

Hard Work

As you may know, I’ve been working on Approaching Infinity since August 2013. I stay up till 2am programming, wake up at 8 or before with the kids, and work 2nd shift. During the day I find a few half-hours here and there, and at work, I do what I can when I have the time. I work really hard on this project!

October was press month. November was the kickstarter. December was “thank god I get to go back to programming!”. January was upgrade to beta-status. February was quest month, and March is “take care of all the little things that have needed to get done.” April is supposed to be “Polish and RELEASE!”, and that’s still my intention.

But that’s not all I’ve done! I participated in Flappy Jam (Under Dug), cyberpunk jam (Don’t Make Me Jump), and now Seven Day Rogue Like (7drl), with Eden Sector.

Eden Sector

EsecBox 2

Eden Sector is a brand new adventure in the world of Approaching Infinity. Some of you are aware that I put a joke victory condition into A.I., which is finding the Amulet of Yendor. Also, the conflict between the Resistance and the Bankers is prominent. For Eden Sector, I combined these, and turned it into a single story quest where you seek the Amulet, unite the other races, and fight your way back home to victory.

Eden Sector has lots of its own features and flavor, and is a complete 26-sector adventure. It plays as much more of a story than A.I. , but it has a lot of the same features. If you’re curious about Approaching Infinity, give ES a try!

March Pt. II

The second half of March will be all about getting more of the little features put into A.I. , and also incorporating some of the stuff I used in Eden Sector into the main game. So if you’ve got something that you just can’t live without, get in touch!


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