Approaching Infinity Seeks Your Vote On Steam Greenlight!


Ok, you can stop asking…Approaching Infinity is finally on Steam Greenlight! I can’t believe I waited so long. Please take a second and vote yes today!


During the greenlight campaign, A.I. will be on sale for 34% off at


I’ll be doing a Play’n’Chat tonight with Average Giants at 10pm EST Show starts at 9pm with the creator of AE Heart, so tune in early!

Beta 03

Approaching Infinity Beta 03 is also out today, with lots of new features and fixes, including:

  • Melee weapons and greater variety of ranged weapons
  • Officers are killable, and they level up by appropriate actions
  • Boss monsters!
  • Status effect damage for the away team
  • Diseases have been remodeled
  • Effects screen now works
  • Vertical scrolling now works on many side menu screens
  • SOS Beacons have been introduced, provided more random quests
  • Much more!

There’s a new demo to go with it, and the sector limit has been increased!

Approaching Infinity From the Developer’s Perspective

This is an in depth look at the inspirations, design choices, environments, and systems of the game, straight from me. It also features early forms of some of the music from the upcoming original soundtrack by Ectogemia!




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