You might say it’s a bit late (and you might be technically correct) (which is the best kind of correct, for all you futurama fans!) but anyway it’s getting really close…it’s just hard to say when enough is enough.

At what point can I really stop and say, “this game is done” ? Many roguelike developers will agree, a game is never really finished.

So yes progress is still being made. Yes the game is still coming. Can’t say when yet, but have no fear. Grab beta 05 over at and try it if you haven’t. It’s loaded with awesome content.

Recent developments include:

  • getting everyone’s name In the credits
  • adding 30 new planetary terrains
  • getting all the backer planet names and officer names in (which is a really nice touch)
  • making things look better
  • getting up to 97 total monsters
  • making monsters have cool and dangerous powers
  • having more satisfying story-based victories
  • getting the option menu working, including codes for cheats and rewards
  • adding damage and traps to shipwrecks
  • spawning BOSS LOOT!
  • getting the soundtrack finished and mastered
  • writing a complete manual!

boss lootRANDOMLY generated deathtrap of the weekGod Modenew monsters and terrains







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