Two hours ago, I signed a publishing contract for Approaching Infinity with Shrapnel Games.

Wow. I have been hoping to be able to make this announcement for a month now, and it’s finally here.

So, who is Shrapnel Games? The “Publisher of Premiere War & Strategy Games”, that’s who! It was Shrapnel that put out Space Empires 4 and Weird Worlds, two awesome space strategy games. I am honored to have Approaching Infinity alongside such greats!

Anyone who backed the kickstarter or purchased A.I. through will still receive all of their digital downloads from me. New customers will be directed to Shrapnel.

The timeline for the official release is probably still a few months down the road. This is to allow a thorough official beta test of the game, to address any issues, or make improvements that are within the accepted scope.

Another important development is that the windows 8 crash bug has been eliminated. Can’t have that kind of thing hanging over my head…

So stay tuned. Things are about to get awesomer. Yes, spellcheck, ‘awesomer’ is a word!


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